BR1 Mini Kit for AgLeader and 1 gb verizon data plan includes:


1 MD6020-01 BR1 Mini Modem for WiFi use only

1 MD3012- Magnetic base for External Antenna

1 MD3029- External (Double Shot Glass) Antenna

1 BN2026-2 AgLeader Power Tee with molex connector power

1 DP1-VZW-1GB- 1GB Verizon Data Plan


In addition to the kit you will need one of the following cables from AgLeader based on the number of video inputs/cameras being used

4005505-12 Serial NTRIP only  $125

4005560-12 Serial NTRIP and 2 video input $270

4005644-12 Serial NTRIP and 4 video input $350

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BR1 Mini Kit for AgLeader w/1gb Verizon Data Plan

  • Product Code: MD6101-VZ1
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $850.00


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