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DigiFarm VBN is a proven leader in providing RTK Correction Services across the Midwest and beyond, via cellular based RTK network. We have been in business since 2011 working with farmers, Ag retailers, and precision Ag dealers. DigiFarm is “brand neutral” meaning we offer corrections to every major brand of GPS equipment. We are a leader in the industry for innovations in the RTK world by introducing new products such as the industry’s first Bluetooth device to work with Apple, the first company to deliver cellular RTK corrections to John Deere in North America, and the first company to have complete network coverage across the country’s midsection.

Our DigiFarm VBN (Virtual Base Network) is our core business. The VBN is a cellular based RTK network capable of delivering a more reliable, more redundant, and a more accurate solution over a much larger geographic area compared to a single base network. We use multiple reference stations to generate a virtual base for each client. When you turn your GPS on, it will send your location to our VBN server and the server will then “virtualize” a base station which will be located, often times in the same field as you. Our customized mount points for each GPS unit will offer corrections tweaked for the specific needs of your GPS receiver. Currently, your state has a complete network capable of servicing farmers’ needs as well as vertical accuracy needed for water management. Our VBN network solution also delivers this same accuracy to John Deere receivers as well.

A benefit to the VBN are that you will always have survey grade accuracy because a virtual base station will always be nearby. If a base station loses power, internet, or gets struck by lightning, DigiFarm will continue to provide you service because your virtual reference station is generated by the network as a whole and not just a single base station. With DigiFarm VBN, you can move throughout the network without experiencing any line or changing network I.D’s. In the case of a brief cellular outage or poor cellular coverage area you will have the luxury of (with most brands) some form of RTK extend. Trimble, for example, lets you run on RTX for up to 20 minutes. John Deere, AgLeader, and others have various means of providing a backup for a short amount of time.

In order to achieve the greatest level of accuracy and reliability, only the highest quality equipment was chosen to build the network. DigiFarm uses choke ring antennas coupled with survey grade mounts and multi-constellation (GPS, GNSS, Compass, Galileo), unmatched by much of the industry. Our servers are housed in an ultra-secure underground data center featuring full climate control, redundant biometric security, multiple internet feeds, and redundant power. Several layers of security are implemented across all servers with backup systems running in real time to provide service in the event of a system failure of any primary servers.

DigiFarm VBN is looking to partner with precision Ag and equipment dealers to resell our products and services. If there are further questions or to discuss interest in becoming a dealer please contact your regional sales rep or call the main office to discuss this opportunity. If you are not a dealer but would like more information please call or email.

History of the DigiFarm Network

Spring 2011: First base station installed in Monticello, Iowa.

Fall 2011: Several more bases installed in Iowa; growing the network substantially.

Spring 2012: First base stations installed across Illinois.

Spring/Fall 2013: Several more bases installed in Iowa and Illinois to further meet customer needs and planning for the VBN well underway.

Winter 2013/2014: Construction of the VBN.

Spring 2014: VBN is operational across Illinois, Iowa, and North Dakota.

Summer/Fall 2014: VBN continues to expand and grow in new states.